Roadshow: Amsterdam Debrief

We continued with our roadshow last week in RAI, Amsterdam at the Blockchain Expo Europe 2018 from June 27 — June 28. This annual event is amongst Europe’s largest blockchain gatherings with approximately 8,000 attendees. Because it was co-located with the IoT Tech Expo and the AI Expo, it was packed full of disrupters from every major industry.


We arrived in Amsterdam on Tuesday, June 26th in the evening. After we got settled into our hotel, we had dinner with a fund manager, where we discussed our goals and answered some questions regarding our project. Following dinner, we explored Amsterdam for a little while and eventually decided to get some rest so we could be in good shape for the event on the following day.

The RAI Amsterdam Convention Center was a wonderful venue, and we arrived early on Wednesday, June 27th to get a head start in setting up our booth — as we knew there would be many attendees. On this day, Cryptofinance tracks was held, where we learned how about topics such as regulation and venture capital landscapes.


Our business architect, Luc Jodet, was interviewed by at our booth, where he explained the fundamentals of Arianee and its tremendous application in the luxury industry. We spoke to many influencers, entrepreneurs and prospective investors about a variety of topics related to blockchain.

We were paid a visit by well-known blockchain and cryptocurrency speaker and entrepreneur Moe Levin who was excited to learn about Arianee. Our advisor, Jeremy Bokobza, also paid us a visit and we were delighted to speak with him.

Thursday, June 28th, was focused more on blockchain and finance, but we were particularly interested in the exhibit “Launching Blockchain  — Blockchain for Business,” where Luc was scheduled as a speaker. He presented right after SmartHAB — a French start-up focused on delivering smart-apartment solutions.


Luc pitched Arianee wonderfully, and the attendees were fascinated by the fact that this is a project using blockchain to solve a huge counterfeiting problem that not many people are aware even exists. This seemed to be a common trend in gauging interest, and we certainly used it to our advantage!

We were scheduled to leave back for France the next morning, and we were very content with our outreach at the event. Amsterdam is a beautiful city and the event was run flawlessly.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing roadshow!

julien romanetto