Meet the Founders — Part 1

Arianee is composed of a diversified team whose members have backgrounds in both industries that Arianee links together: luxury and blockchain technology.

As we know, blockchain technology is growing rapidly and in order to stay ahead, we strive to maintain the utmost communication within Arianee’s day-to-day operations.

Our project team, as well as our advisers, have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the luxury industry andknow exactly what improvements can be made through utilizing a blockchain.

Arianee’s founders utilized their experience and knowledge when designing the protocol. Thanks to them, total transparency and authenticity for luxury products will become a norm within the near future.

This Founder’s Profile documents Julien Romanetto, Alexander Cognard and Christian Jorge’s profiles.

Julien Romanetto — Product


For 20 years Julien has been a successful entrepreneur and an investor with an eye for the technical side. With Frédéric Montagnon, he co-founded and exited Secret Media, OverBlog, Teads and Nomao for a total value of more than USD 400 million. Julien has been involved in cryptocurrencies, mining and use cases for blockchain technology for the last three years.

Julien is handling the product aspect of Arianee, where he will design aspects of the protocol and the overall product that Arianee will ultimately deliver to owners, brands and third parties upon launch.

“A product can be a service or an item and it can be physical or digital. Considering this, we are working towards delivering Arianee’s product as a digital service for physical products, one of the first of its kind”

-Julien Romanetto

Alexandre Cognard — Technical

Alexandre started coding by himself in the late 1990s. He graduated from ESIEA with a Masters in Engineering and furthered his education with an MBA. As a serial entrepreneur, he started building companies when he was just 18 years old thanks to his powerful framework EZBO. His first company, FDM, is still a leading shareholder relationship management solution.

Following two main service companies specialized in custom e-commerce, he co-founded Vestiaire Collective, where he was the CTO for eight years. Vestiaire Collective is one of the world’s leaders in the second-hand luxury marketplace with €118m funding, close to €200m business, with a presence in Paris, NYC, London, Berlin, Milan and Hong Kong.

Alexandre is utilizing his expertise in coding as well as his knowledge of building a company involved in the luxury industry to handle all of the technical aspects of the Arianee protocol.

“One of our main goals in building Arianee is to give each product a complete life-cycle that can be accessed by consumers. This is especially valuable for the second-hand luxury market, where there is much more complexity and detail in any given product’s life-cycle.”

-Alexandre Cognard

Christian Jorge — Operations


Christian founded his first start-up Néocité, a city-guide, in 1998 during his study of Economics. He then founded a digital marketing web-agency, IDEO Concept, which merged with Alexandre Cognard’s company in 2003. Before co-founding Vestiaire Collective in 2009, he took part in the creation of some e-commerce companies as operational partner. Along with his role as comex chair at Vestiaire Collective, Christian worked as CPO for four years and VP Operations for another four years. He’s now a business angel, advisor and mentor in the French Tech ecosystem (Numa, Ashoka).

Christian is handling the operations aspect of Arianee, providing the right guidance and management skills to enable Arianee to reach its full potential.

“E-commerce will never take over luxury because luxury will always need a physical store, it is part of the experience that makes something voluptuous. However, e-commerce will increase a great deal over the coming years.

Besides this path to selling commodities, what really matters at the end of the day is the relationship between brands and customers, and the experience that the brand is providing to them. Definitely more a sensory subject, than technologic! ”

-Christian Jorge

julien romanetto