Meet the Founders — Part 2


Arianee’s founders are passionate and committed to building Arianee, one step at a time. However, it is just as important for us to maintain a level of focus on our business structure as it is to carry out an effective marketing plan.

Although each of our founders has specific roles within the company, they all have a shared commitment to expanding Arianee’s outreach.

They have travelled all around the world to raise global awareness of the counterfeiting problem during Arianee’s international roadshow, taking pride in presenting Arianee not simply as an anti-counterfeiting solution, but as a digital ownership network that connects brands to their respective products on a blockchain.

In return, their efforts have resulted in strong connections and key advisors.

This Founder’s Profile documents Emmanuelle Collet, Gregory Pouy and Luc Jodet’s profiles.

Emmanuelle Collet — Marketing

Emmanuelle Collet is an experienced professional with an MBA from La Sorbonne, Paris and more than 10 years of experience in communication and marketing. During her former position as the Head of Global Media Strategy at the Swiss watch brand Omega, she managed successful marketing campaigns, gaining valuable exposure and insight into the luxury industry.

Emmanuelle leads Arianee’s marketing efforts, working tirelessly to explore potential partnerships — ranging from luxury brand partnerships to talks with dAPP developers — that can strengthen Arianee’s ecosystem and outreach. She has developed a marketing strategy tailored towards building Arianee’s brand awareness within the luxury market through proven methods, which include managing Arianee’s social media platforms, content creation, community management and personal outreach.

“First impressions are everything when it comes to marketing token sales, which is why we prioritize strategic partnerships to further our project’s credibility and build confidence within our community.”

— Emmanuelle Collet

Gregory Pouy — Brand Evangelist

Gregory is a world-renowned speaker and marketing consultant who specializes in the beauty, fashion and luxury industries. He also teaches digital marketing at major European business schools such as HEC, Essec and Dauphine.

With over 18 years of experience interacting with and consulting for luxury brands, Gregory has all of the necessary tools required to engage with brand representatives to give them a better understanding of Arianee’s value proposition.

As Arianee’s brand evangelist, Gregory is a strong believer in Arianee’s vision and will be serving as the project’s main spokesperson during events and meetings. He has played a major role in the connections Arianee has established with luxury brands such as LVMH and Veuve Clicquot.

“There is quite nothing like beginning to explain your vision to someone and watching their expression change from that of skepticism to excitement. This is a great indicator of a winning project. After I’m done explaining Arianee to an audience, I’m ecstatic that this is the general response we receive.”

— Gregory Pouy

Luc Jodet — Business Architecture

Luc Jodet began his career as a business analyst at a Fortune 500 company. He then co-founded BUYECO, a renewable energy market in Switzerland that supplies electricity to larger companies. While working on energy traceability solutions, he discovered blockchain technology and its supply-chain use cases.

As the head of Arianee’s business architecture, Luc constantly keeps up to date with new innovations in blockchain technology, monitoring their progression and evaluating the benefits of integrating them into our platform. Luc has also contributed to the growth of the community in many different ways, including pitching Arianee to audiences all around the world. He is largely responsible for our implementation of the ERC-721 protocol and recruiting its lead author, William Entriken, as one of Arianee’s advisors.

“Blockchain technology is continuously evolving simply due to its decentralization. Someone, somewhere is constantly developing these networks and innovating advanced solutions. And when that someone takes a break, someone else is out there working. It’s up to me to stay up to date on these latest innovations.”

— Luc Jodet

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